Let a Fort Walton Car Accident Lawyer Help

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, then Florida law may give you a right to sue and recover damages from the defendant.  In pursuing a claim against the defendant, however, you’ll want to work with a qualified attorney who can represent your interests from beginning to end.

First-time plaintiffs may not fully understand “why” they have to hire an attorney — so let’s take a moment to explore a few reasons why attorneys are critical to success in pursuing a car accident claim under Florida law.

A Skilled Car Accident Attorney Will Speak on Your Behalf

Attorneys step in as a “middleman” in communications with law enforcement, insurers, and opposing counsel, among others.  This is critical, as they can help ensure that you do not make any disclosures that could undermine your case.

For example, if you spoke to your insurer without the aid of an attorney, you might make an accidental disclosure that your insurer will use to deny your claim.  With an attorney, however, they will take steps to negotiate with your insurer without making problematic disclosures.

A Fort Walton Car Accident Lawyer Will Investigate the Case and Collect Evidence

Attorneys coordinate the investigation of an accident and collect all necessary evidence that could be useful for your case.  They will speak to witnesses, identify and collect potential video and photographic evidence, and preserve documents with key information pertaining to your claims at issue.

An Attorney Will Negotiate with Opposing Parties

Attorneys are trained to work with opposing counsel to negotiate a potential resolution to the conflict (without having to proceed to trial litigation).  This is a crucial function of an injury attorney.  In the large majority of cases, the dispute is resolved through a negotiated settlement, and there is no trial.  This is a preferable solution in most circumstances — and it is made possible with skilled negotiation, thorough investigation, and nuanced advocacy. 

A Competent Lawyer Will Ensure Compliance with Civil Procedures

Attorneys have to ensure that your case follows certain civil procedures, from filing processes to statute of limitations deadlines.  For your claims to “survive,” they must be filed before the statute of limitations deadline.  If your statute of limitations is four years (from the date of the accident), then your attorney will prepare the claim and bring it against the defendant(s) within the applicable time period.

Contact a Fort Walton Car Accident Lawyer for Assistance

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We are committed to personalized advocacy. To that end, we work closely with our clients from an early stage to gain deep insights into their case.  This helps us develop a strategic approach that is tailored to their issues.

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