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Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Most of us like to work but unfortunately, because of injuries or illnesses, some people simply can’t.  While many people never think about becoming disabled, according to the Social Security Administration, a twenty-year-old has a 30% chance of becoming disabled before reaching retirement age.  Those less fortunate may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.  Social Security benefits can make the difference between struggling financially and living on the edge and having the funds to survive and receiving medical care.

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or SSDI pays monthly benefits to those who have worked and paid enough FICA (Social Security) taxes and have been or will be disabled or unable to work for 12 months or more.

Supplement Security Income

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is another disability program that pays monthly benefits to the blind or disabled who own very few assets and have little or no income. The maximum amount of SSI benefits for 2015 is $733 per month for individuals and $1,100 per month for couples.  Some people may be eligible for both SSDI and SSI depending on the amount of their monthly SSDI benefits. 

How Our Social Security Disability Attorneys Can Help

In either case, the Social Security Disability attorneys at Powell, Powell & Powell are determined to win.  We work with you and your doctors to prove you are disabled.  Unlike many other attorneys, we take your case from the very beginning by filing your initial paperwork and forms and pursuing it to the final hearing before the Administrative Law Judge.

One of the keys to our success in winning Social Security claims is that we provide over 30 years of experience in representing clients through all stages of the Social Security Disability claims process.  We know how to navigate through complex procedures. We handle your case as quickly and efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves in providing personal attention and understanding of your frustrations and often dire circumstances. We don’t get paid unless we win your disability case, and our fees are regulated by the Social Security Administration.

Our law firm is a family business which was founded on the principle of providing high-quality, responsive and personalized legal services. We remain committed to this core principle and we work together as a team to ensure that our clients receive the individualized legal representation for which our firm is known.

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