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Protecting Your Rights: Criminal Law Attorneys

One of the founding principles of our nation is that every individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Every person deserves to have his or her case tried by a jury of members of the community.  The experienced criminal law trial attorneys at Powell, Powell & Powell represent clients accused of criminal conduct throughout all stages of the process.  We believe that just because someone is charged with a crime does not make it so. We are here to protect your rights.

There is an old saying that it is better to let ten guilty men go free than punish one innocent man.  That is why the State has the complete burden of proof and must prove the charges against you to beyond any reasonable doubt.  We have extensive court experience in criminal cases.  The criminal law attorneys at Powell, Powell & Powell focus on redefining and reemphasizing the guiding principle that is so often forgotten in the courtroom, which is that you as a client do not have to prove that you are innocent.

Misdemeanor or Felony Charges

Crimes are designated as either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the maximum punishment that can be imposed.  Crimes punishable by up to a year in jail are misdemeanors.  Crimes punishable by over a year in jail are felonies.  We have represented hundreds of clients in both misdemeanor and felony criminal cases over the past 40 years, including cases involving charges of assault, battery, homicide, DUI (driving under the influence), DUI manslaughter, theft, robbery, burglary, and many other charges. 

Hire an Experienced Criminal Lawyer

Criminal offenses and charges have significant long-term consequences, and it is absolutely critical that anyone charged with a crime has an attorney with substantial criminal trial experience. The attorneys at Powell, Powell & Powell have that experience.  We also know how prosecutors present cases and how a jury is selected in criminal cases.  Our extensive experience gives your case a clear advantage should your case go to trial.

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