Under Florida’s law of premises liability, if you were injured at a business, at the beach or on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to financial compensation. This includes compensation for your medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other losses. While we cannot assess your legal rights until we know the unique details of your particular case, the following are 10 examples of premises-related accidents for which financial compensation may be available:

1. Slippery Floors

Slip-and-fall claims are among the most-common types of premises liability cases. From improper selection of flooring materials to spills and recent cleanings, there are a variety of factors that can lead to sudden and unexpected falls on slippery floors.

2. Defective Elevators and Escalators

Elevator and escalator accidents are to blame for many of the most serious premises-related injuries. From faulty design to improper maintenance, various types of deficiencies have been known to cause serious and fatal accidents.

3. Unmarked Curbs and Parking Blocks

In order to mitigate the risk of trip-and-fall injuries, commercial property owners must adequately mark curbs and parking blocks in areas with pedestrian traffic. While stepping off of a sidewalk or tripping over a parking block can be particularly dangerous for the elderly, individuals of all ages and physical abilities can suffer severe injuries due to trips and falls.

4. Cracked Sidewalks

Cracks in sidewalks and parking lots can present unexpected trip hazards as well. Tree roots, improper mixing of asphalt or concrete, and overdue maintenance are just some of the factors that can create dangerous scenarios for unsuspecting pedestrians.

5. Worn Flooring Materials

Concrete and other flooring materials can become slippery with age, and carpeting and other floor coverings can present trip hazards as they wear over time. Inadequate property maintenance is among the leading causes of slip, trip and fall accidents on business premises.

6. Dangerous Stairways

From stairs that are too steep to loose handrails and stair treads, there are a variety of ways that indoor and outdoor stairways can present dangerous risks for pedestrians. If you or a loved one fell down a flight of stairs, you should absolutely speak with an attorney about filing a claim for just compensation.

7. Falling Objects

Grocery stores, office buildings and construction sites are just a few examples of locations where falling objects can cause serious injuries. From stacking products dangerously high to failing to follow safety regulations, once again, there are various factors that can be to blame for unsuspecting victims’ injuries.

8. Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool accidents are alarmingly common in Florida, and they often have tragic consequences. Pool owners owe certain duties to protect their visitors and guests, and failure to uphold these duties can justify legal action by victims and their families.

9. Pedestrian Collisions

Pedestrian collisions on boardwalks, in public entertainment and sports venues, and in other crowded areas can cause a broad range of traumatic injuries. Failure to prevent overcrowding or maintain crowd control is yet another example of property owner negligence for which financial compensation may be available.

10. Inadequate Security

Finally, if you were assaulted on business premises with inadequate security, this may provide you with a claim against the property owner as well. Inadequate security claims can be based upon inadequate lighting, failure to employ security guards and various other factors.

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