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If you’ve been harmed in a motorcycle accident, whether due to another driver’s negligence or due to the presence of a road hazard, then you may be entitled to sue and recover damages as compensation.

Motorcycle accidents involving road hazards tend to be somewhat confusing territory for plaintiffs unfamiliar with litigation.  After all, it may not be clear whether the defendant property owner is responsible for the injuries caused by the hazard.  Further, they are likely to argue that the motorcyclist had an obligation to avoid the road hazard and that they were able to do so under the circumstances.

Let’s take a closer look.

Road Hazards Pose a Unique Danger to Florida Motorcyclists

There are a number of road hazards that motorcyclists have to watch out for, including:

  • Potholes
  • Ice and snow
  • Pools of water
  • Muddy roads
  • Rainy weather
  • Uneven roads
  • Object hazards (i.e., fallen branches)
  • Visibility hazards (i.e., blocked signage)
  • And more

Motorcyclists often face roadway dangers that would hardly pose a threat to those driving in cars and trucks.

For example, a minor pothole could send a motorcyclist reeling into a crash, whereas that same pothole would merely act as an unexpected “bump” for a truck driver.  Similarly, ice is likely to pose a bigger threat to the motorcyclist than the driver of a car.

Liability for a Road Hazard

Motorcyclists do have a responsibility to avoid “obvious” road hazards, if possible, but many road hazards are not obvious when traveling at normal speeds — visibility issues, attentional requirements, and other factors can make it quite easy to come into contact with an incoming road hazard, such as a pothole.

Injuries due to road hazards can lead to significant liability, but defendants can vary from private individuals to public entities.  Typically, road hazards involve the negligence of a public entity, such as the City government — for example, the City may fail to properly maintain a road, leading to the existence of dangerous potholes.  Despite the fact that they knew these potholes exist, and that they posed a danger to motorcyclists, they did not take action to fix said potholes. Under these circumstances, an injured motorcyclist could sue and potentially secure damages due to the clear negligence of the City government.

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