When considering car accidents and potential injury claims, the focus tends toward the claim that one driver makes against the other. In reality, many car accidents also result in injuries to passengers. It is important to understand that passenger claims have their own unique considerations when it comes to pursuing a claim for compensation. If you have been injured as a passenger in a car accident, you should contact a Fort Walton car accident lawyer to discuss your options. 

When the Other Driver Was at Fault

Cases where the driver of the other vehicle caused the accident are relatively straightforward in the sense that you and the driver of the vehicle have very similar claims against the other driver. While you may have different injuries or require different medical treatment, you will both have to prove how the other driver caused the accident that led to your injuries and why they should be held liable. 

If the driver engages legal counsel, it is not uncommon for that lawyer to represent both the driver and the passenger. This is permissible so long as there are no conflicts of interest. That said, it is not always clear at the outset whether your interests and those of the driver will align as the case progresses. As a result, it is important to remember that you are not obligated to share a lawyer with the driver. In fact, you are always free to engage separate legal counsel. At a minimum, you should at least discuss the situation with an independent Fort Walton car accident lawyer before deciding how to proceed. 

When Your Driver Was at Fault

An undoubtedly complicated situation arises when the driver of the vehicle you were riding in caused the accident. In these situations, passengers are often faced with having to pursue a claim against a friend or family member. 

While this situation may indeed be awkward, in most cases the driver’s insurance company will be the ones paying your claim rather than the driver themselves. And while it may make holidays somewhat awkward for a while, it may be the only way that you are able to get compensation for your uncovered medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses that were caused by the accident. An experienced Fort Walton car accident lawyer will be able to protect your right to be compensated without unnecessarily straining your personal relationship. 

Contact a Fort Walton Car Accident Lawyer if You Were Injured as a Passenger

If you have been injured in a car accident as a passenger, you don’t have to let someone else decide how to handle your case. Whether it is the other driver or the driver of the vehicle you were in, you can take control of your claim by contacting Powell, Powell & Powell. We can help you navigate these complex situations so that you can get the compensation you need to move forward. To schedule a free consultation with a Fort Walton car accident lawyer from our firm, call us today at 850-682-2757.