As we discussed last year, the holiday season is one of the most-dangerous times of year for auto accidents in Florida. Various factors contribute to an increased rate of collisions during the months of November, December and January, with severe spikes in serious and fatal accidents occurring around the holidays. According to

“[T]he Christmas and New Year holidays typically are accompanied by a staggering toll on the nation's highways. While the numbers vary from year to year, an average of 343 people die in traffic deaths each year during the three-day Christmas holiday period. Even more — an average of 373 — die over the three-day New Year holiday, according to the National Safety Council.”

Similarly, last year CBS published a report indicating that while Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s average less fatal accidents than other major holidays, accident rates still increase significantly during these times of year.

Auto Accident Risks During the Holiday Season

There are a number of factors that likely contribute to the increased risk of accidents during the holidays. While weather is certainly a factor in some states, in Florida, holiday accidents are more likely to be a result of factors such as:

  • Distracted drivers attempting to following GPS directions and talking or texting on their phones;
  • Individuals making the poor decision to get behind the wheel after drinking during holiday celebrations;
  • Aggressive and reckless driving behaviors in highway congestion and busy suburban traffic;
  • Out-of-state drivers contributing to the increase in traffic congestion while being unfamiliar with the local roads; and,
  • Driver fatigue due to limited daytime hours, working extra shifts, traveling to visit loved ones and preparing for the holidays.

Seeking Financial Compensation After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents during the holidays can be particularly inconvenient, and they can add more stress to an already-stressful time of year. But, regardless of your holiday plans, it is important not to put off dealing with the insurance companies. There are steps you should take right away – particularly if you have been injured – and the insurance companies are not going to give you any slack if you fail to do what is necessary to protect your legal rights.

For information about dealing with the insurance companies after an auto accident in Florida, you can read:

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