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Veteran’s (V.A.) Disability and Benefits Claims

Our firm appreciates and understands the unique challenges of service in the armed forces. The founding partner or our firm, Gillis E. Powell, Sr. proudly served in World War II as a Major in the Army Air Corps.  It is our honor and privilege to represent the military community in all areas of our practice.  Our Veterans Administration (VA) Accredited Attorneys work closely with our consulting veteran, who is a retired "Green Beret" Master Sergeant of the 7th Special Forces Group.  They can provide advice and assistance to veterans, service members, and dependents through all phases of the claim and appeal process.  Additionally, we will ensure that our clients are informed and understand all the entitlements and benefits that they may be entitled to receive, some of which they may be unaware.

Types of Federal Disability Compensation

There are four main types of federal disability compensation for which veterans may be eligible:  VA Service Connected Disability, VA Pension, Social Security Disability, and Supplemental Security Income through the Social Security Administration.  Spouses of veterans may also be eligible for additional disability benefits, including payments, healthcare, education, and burial benefits.

Veterans Disability Compensation can pay benefits monthly for injuries that are service connected to veterans who served active duty.  Benefits can be collected for partial or total disability benefits.  The payment amount depends on the veteran's degree of disability.  Additional benefits may include travel expenses for medical treatment or rehabilitation.

Disability Pension is a needs-based program that supplements the over 65 year old veteran's income for permanently and totally disabled, low income veterans.  For eligibility, the veteran must have served 90 days in active duty and one or more days during war (or longer for those entering service after September 1980).

Once a veteran applies for Veteran's Disability Benefits, a rating is assigned by the Board of Veterans Appeals.  If the veteran qualifies for benefits, the disability ratings range from 10% to 100% and determine the monthly amount up to $2,673.00.

Additionally, a veteran rated 30% or more disabled with a spouse and/or dependent children receives a higher monthly payment.  A disabled veteran with certain more serious injuries or disabilities would also be entitled to a higher monthly payment.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits

A veteran's disease or disability must be service connected to qualify for disability benefits.  This means that the veteran's active duty service or the injury/incident occurring during active service caused or helped to cause the disability.  The service connection can be direct, pre-existing aggravated, legally presumed, secondary to service connected disability or due to VA hospitalization or treatment.

It’s complicated.  There are things our competent and zealous team can do early to make certain that you get the highest disability rating and all the benefits you and your family are entitled to receive.  Contact Powell, Powell & Powell to schedule a free consultation with our VA certified disability attorneys.